About us


All Round Recycle Packing Limited has its primary focus on global import and export of recyclable plastic related material and commercial packaging. Literally, we recycle and manufacture any of the BOPP, CPP, HDPE, LDPE and PP based 'container' such as wholesale and retail bags and floral packaging. Nevertheless, we will never leave any opportunities to participate and contribute in the environmental protection demands, as we have been involved in the Kraft paper and Non-woven associated product.

Business Culture

All Round will always prioritize offering most competitive price in the market and guaranteeing the highest quality control of every segment of the supply chain to our clients. From an environmental point of view, All Round will be sustaining its aggressiveness toward modifying software and hardware technology for not only opportunities but more significantly as a self-disciplined and self-reliant brand to the society.


As an enterprise established in Hong Kong, All Round currently has a factory in Myanmar with more than 8000 square kilometer of landscape and among 300 employees, with a total area of more than 8,000 square kilometers and more than 100 well-trained experts in China. Based on the geographical and cost wise competitive advantages of Myanmar and production/ management team with over 30 years of professional experience in the market of plastic bag production.

Multinational Cooperation

One of the biggest advantages if you want to build factories in different countries is to make the global situation more diverse. This includes import/ export tariff that allow us to be more competitive in all regions, and culture differences allow the manufacturers to make progress throughout the year.

One-stop in-house manufacturing

CPP, HDPE, LDPE, PP film production
Up to 10 colors of rotogravure process/ flexographic printing machines can print up to 8 colors
Super Sonic/Hot/Cold cutting machine
Solely operative Hole puncher to match the custom design
Computerized storage system serving various thickness of BOPP film rolls and finished products.

Sampling and Designing

We focus on the confidentiality of our customers' privacy and design them with respect to our customers' wishes. We respect any ideology, respect copyright design, and do not allow plagiarism. In addition, we welcome a wide variety of designs, and we will also use our experience and will do our best to achieve your imagination.

Quality Control

Total Quality Management – regardless the inspections of specialist on every opening and closing of any single progression. We have a high level of trust in developing good communication technologies, and senior executives regularly conduct online and offline meetings to track and confirm every detail of production to respond to any questions as quickly as possible.